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24th June 2024 

"After suffering more than three years of severe, crippling depression, I was referred to Judith and approached my first session with some scepticism and great trepidation. But she has a way of making the patient feel safe and at ease, quickly establishing a bond of trust so it is much easier to speak about very difficult, very personal and often painful subjects.
Through quiet persistence, she challenged the assumptions that kept me mired in depression, helping me to explore and analyse my misperceptions, and offering signposts on the road towards rebuilding my shattered self-confidence.
She inspired me to believe there really could be a way to escape severe depression and re-establish a meaningful, worthwhile life. In my experience, Judith's dedication to her patients is exceptional and unswerving: it goes far beyond anyone's reasonable expectation.
Working closely with my excellent psychiatrist, it is little exaggeration to say that Judith helped save my life."

Will, 50

"I was desperately unhappy in a failed marriage. Thanks to Judith, I have rediscovered my confident, happy self. My life is back on track. Without her help I could not have achieved this radical life-change. Although exploring my vulnerability could be painful, I always felt safe. She was always supportive and identified progress, which in my case was dramatic. Indeed, I looked forward to each session knowing that I was getting stronger each time."

Sam, 48

"I first met Judith when I was in the depths of a major depressive episode, ready to give up on life. I find it very hard to trust anybody, and I was unable to trust her to begin with but her quiet, calm approach gradually allowed me to settle.
Our journey has not been easy. We have had more than a few sessions where I challenged everything she said; change is rarely comfortable, but her unswerving resolve to "do the work" has carried us through. It felt hugely significant that someone cared enough to work with me when I was attacking anything that was said.
She has supported me through many ups and downs, reassuring me and enabling me to say more than I have ever previously been able to.
Thanks to Judith I am now strong enough to deal with the trauma I experienced as a child. Another stage in a very difficult process."
Alison, 56

"Working with Judith has been life-changing for me. I met her when I was rock-bottom and needed to confront issues that were holding me back in life. Her style is tough but loving, and she is keenly intelligent so she won't let you outsmart her. She doesn't let you avoid dealing with the issues."
Heather, 30

"Judith is a thoughtful, caring and practical therapist. Her warm and enthusiastic approach helps patients feel contained, resourced and confident in their capacity to change unhelpful and often ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving. Judith is able to integrate her broad and expert knowledge of therapeutic processes, including EMDR, to treat a diverse range of psychological problems."

Dr Vince Gradillas, Consultant Psychiatrist